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8 Little Happy Things

Eight little happy things.

one |  Finding a bottle of Lush Fairy Dust in a charity shop for 99p.
two |  My amethyst pendant.
three | New Look bralettes.
four | High-waisted jeans.
five | Melon bags from McDonalds.
six | Just-warm baby sweetcorn tossed into fried rice.
seven | The restoration of my print wall.
eight | Holding a teeny tiny kitten in the palm of my hand.

The Crystals That Called To Me

I firmly stand by the belief that you should choose and purchase crystals in person - it's a much more personable and inspiring experience, especially when the sales assistant is so calming and knowledgeable. Mum and I headed into town last Friday morning and on the way back to the car we stopped in my favourite crystal store to buy crystals as a gift for Mum's god mother. I didn't intend on buying anything, but a few things screamed at me so I picked them up - I never ignore the internal pull towards a certain crystal, and it's always funny to read up on them later to discover they're exactly what I've been needing. On this occasion I purchased a single crystal and a necklace, and my mum treated me to a polished piece too.

The Sunday Post 20

Well this feels a little nostalgic, doesn't it?! Mainly because I haven't written a Sunday Post since the end of Blogmas and I've been dreaming more and more frequently about Autumn/Winter lately. I feel like sometimes I can't express my adoration of those seasons without fear of being branded a blogging cliché, but I'm so over censoring myself.


June was a busy ol' month for me, and I feel like I achieved a lot of things despite not setting any goals. I want to get back to creating goals and lists and generally keeping track of my life a little better so, along with another attempt at journaling, I've decided to talk a little on the blog about what I got up to this month.

4 More YouTube Channels I'm Loving Right Now

I've discovered a few YouTube channels lately and I thought they were worth sharing!