The Harry Potter Tag

I spotted this tag earlier on today on Hayley's blog Water Painted Dreams (a blog you should follow!) and simply had to do it. I re-read The Goblet Of Fire a few days ago and completely re-discovered my obsessive adoration of Harry Potter. I'm nearly finished with The Order Of The Phoenix but after that I'm going to skip right back to the beginning and re-read The Philosophers Stone. Anyway, on to the tag!

Saying Goodbye.

Yesterday, after a week of non-stop searching for her, I was informed that my cat had been run over and sadly passed away. Needless to say, I am completely devastated. Poppy had been my pet for nearly 6 years - we adopted her sister, Frankie, with every intention of just bringing home one kitten. But we fell in love with Poppy and brought her home, too. She was the first pet that had ever been mine. And it's not like we had a mother-daughter relationship like I know some people have with their pets, we just both adored each other. After a bad experience with a cat as a child, I've always been wary of them. And Frankie and Bailey (my other cats) and myself have always kept a mutual but respectful distance from each other for this reason. But it was so bizarre, because Poppy was always so careful around me. I'd never been scratched by her, ever, not even when she was a kitten. When she snuggled up with me at bedtime, she understood that if my eyes closed that I wouldn't smooth her anymore and she would just settle down and sleep. If I was crying, she would come up to me, snuggle up tight and rub her cheeks on my face. I miss her desperately. Sitting down in the living room last night, I looked around the room and saw that Frankie was sat with my mum and my puppy Thor was curled up with my boyfriend, but where Poppy should have been with me she wasn't. She was absolutely beautiful and had the most gorgeous temperament. She's completely irreplaceable.
I'm sorry if this post was a bit depressing for you guys, but it was such a shock for me and because she was taken away by the PDSA before I could see her, this is kind of the only way I can say goodbye. After reading this, I hope you run to your pets and cuddle them, because that is definitely what I would be doing with her if I could see her one last time.

Bristol Harbour Festival Photo Diary

OUTFIT: Denim & Lace

3 Tips For Relieving Anxiety

My anxiety revolves around people and situations I feel I can't control or escape from. For example, I can't travel on public transport or sit in a hall filled with people. I can't go to parties where people are drinking alcohol. I can't sit in the cinema if there are people blocking the direct exit along my line of seats. And sometimes, I have days where I really can't even leave the house. 
I'm currently on a course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - a type of counselling that teaches you to re-train your thoughts. I'm making slow yet steady progress. But I'm aware that not everyone is able to get this kind of therapy, so I thought I'd share some of the ways that I personally help relieve my anxiety if I'm stuck in a situation that makes me panic.

The Perfect Gift

To me, the best gift is one that is unexpected and filled with thought. I mentioned on Twitter that at the beginning of this week my boyfriend went away on a work trip for three days. Naturally I wasn't expecting him to bring me something back - it wasn't like he went on holiday or anything - but upon his safe return he did have a little something for me.

25 Random Facts About Me

Here is a complimentary list of completely random and non-essential facts about me.

My Week #3

I dyed my hairrrr! // fostering some baby chickens // my boyfriend & I at the fun fair // Lush bubble bars // beautiful beach sunset // ingredients for my curry recipe

Blogs I Love #1

 Today I thought I'd show some blog love by sharing with you some of the blogs that I am obsessed with. Some of these blogs I have been reading for years and some are ones that I've discovered recently. You know those blogs that you read every post from, despite the topic? These are the blogs that do that for me.

Current Lush Collection


It's no secret that besides books and food, Lush is one of my favourite things. Whenever I'm in town I will pay a visit and unfailingly stumble out with a whole bunch of goodies to add to my ever-expanding collection. So today I thought I'd show you my current collection! Other than these bits and pieces, I have a Ponche mini shower gel which I took on my hols with me and the limited edition Gold FUN. I also tend to use my mum's shower jelly & my boyfriend's shampoo bar, but shh.

Daily Objects #2

I'm bringing today's 'Daily Objects' post all the way from Brean. Well, at least the photo is.

July Goals

So far, July has been pretty awesome for me. That is mostly due to the short holiday I took with my boyfriend (I posted a photo diary yesterday!) but now it's back to reality and schedules and to-do lists. But before we get into my July Goals, let's check out how I got on with my June Goals.

Holiday Photo Diary


Summer Reads

I'm not sure about you, but I always think of my books as 'summer' or 'winter' reads. I prefer to read the in-depth, long, fantasy books during winter and the light, fluffy, romance books during summer. Of course this isn't a direct rule, I do mix-and-match and read whatever I like, but I do tend to prefer lighter reads during the warmer months. So today I thought I'd share with you my picks for summer! I've already read all of these books (some of them multiple times) but this is the general gist of the kind of books I like to read in the summertime.