Blogging Basics: Photo Backgrounds

Heeeeeey. Today I thought I'd share some 'insider secrets' (ugh) about blogging, by showing you a few things that I use as backgrounds for my photos for almost every post. Note that I try to keep the background colourings fairly complimentary of each other: I use lots of pinks, greys, florals and lace prints. That way, despite the photo topic, the main colour scheme of my blog always ties in together.

Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen

Title: Girl, Interrupted
Author: Susanna Kaysen
Genre: Memoir
Length: 192 pages
Published: 19th April 1994 by Vintage
I've been wanting to read this book for SUCH a long time. I've seen the film (and loved it) and had been pondering about the book for ages, until I spotted it in a charity shop for £1! I bought it (obviously) and finished it the same day. It's a verrrry short book, and is possibly the thinnest book I own. I didn't want to call this post a 'book review', because it's a non-fiction memoir and I'd feel kind of weird commenting on 'characters' that are/were actual real life people. So kind of like I did with Anne Frank's Diary, I'm just gonna chat about it.

Desk Tour

I've finally finished painting my bedroom!! I'd only been planning/talking about doing it for about six or seven months before I finally did it, but hey! That's also another thing ticked off of my 2015 Goals (which you can keep track of here if you're interested) In celebration, I got snap happy with my camera and photographed two 'areas' of my room for blog posts, one of which is for this very post. Woooo.

My Lush Summer Must-Haves

I think that for some people (including me) Lush can be a bit of a seasonal thing. From the months of September to April, there's constantly some new, exciting limited edition products out and the weather is cold enough for us all to want to be spending hours in a bubble bath. My Lush baths tend to go down in frequency during summer, mostly because I'm more interested in a quick, freshening shower than I am cosying up in a hot bath. So whilst I might not be using as many bath bombs and bubble bars as I usually do, I do have a few favourite Lush products that see me through the hotter months, and today I thought I'd share them with you.

Top 5 Book Series I Won't Finish

I can't believe how long it's been since my last 'Top 5' post! So today I thought I'd revive the series by sharing my top 5 book series I won't be finishing. I read a quote a little while ago that said "life is too short to finish crappy books." and I think that it's so true. There's nothing worse than spending your time and money on a crappy book/series when you could be spending that time and money on a better book/series! That's been my kind of reading guideline this year, and although I wont be getting rid of any of the books mentioned today (hoarder problems) I will definitely not be purchasing the next books in the series.

My Experience Contacting The Samaritans UK

[The Samaritans is UK/ROI service]
Hello everyone! Todays post is going to be a little bit different than usual, but I feel like it's a subject that could potentially be quite helpful to some people. I'm going to be talking about the Samaritans, which is a support service for people with mental health issues/people who are having a hard time. During March this year, something happened in my personal life that I needed some help to deal with, so I reached out to the Samaritans through email. Today, I thought I'd share my experience and raise some awareness for the service. Also, just to make you guys aware: you don't have to be suicidal to contact the Samaritans. You don't have to have a history of mental health issues. I wasn't feeling suicidal when I contacted them at all, it was mostly because of anxiety reasons.

Lush Products I Didn't Like

If you've been reading this blog for any amount of time (even if you just scroll down my recent posts) I'm sure you can gather that I'm a rather huge lover of Lush. Their bubble bars, bath bombs and shampoo bars are my favourite products, but today I thought I'd share with you some of the products I've tried that I didn't like. This doesn't mean that they're bad products, or that you wont like them - they just didn't work for me!

DIY | Fruit Infused Water

Hihi! Today I thought I'd write up a little DIY that I did a few days ago: fruit infused waters. I personally love drinking water, but I know that some people find it too tasteless, so this DIY is for you! Depending on how much fruit you add and how long you leave it to infuse, the taste could be quite faint or strong. I personally prefer it after a full 24 hours in the fridge, but you could drink it after infusing it overnight if you can't wait! I also think with a few added ice cubes, this could be the perfect summer drink, especially for something like a barbeque or garden party.

My Literary Bucket List

I am a huge lover of bucket lists (and just lists in general), and whilst I was thinking about my realistic one, I began to think about all of the amazing things I would like to do within my favourite world: the fictional world. So my Literary Bucket List was created!  
 ♥ Visit District 4 and walk along the shore
 ♥ Flick through Katniss's family book
  Live in Hobbiton, The Shire
  Visit The Lonely Mountain and Rivendell
  ♥ Read every book in the Hogwarts library
  Go shopping in Diagon Alley
  Take a tour of my Common Room (Slytherin)
  Discover what my Patronus and Boggart would be
  Listen to a mixtape with Charlie
 ♥ Go to Amsterdam with Augustus Waters
 ♥ Visit the Sinclair family island
 ♥ Go on a tour of the London Institute with Will
 ♥ Take a walk along the Thames with Jem
 ♥ Spend an hour talking to Alaska about her life
  Try on one of America's dresses
 ♥ Check in on Lia and see how she is
 ♥ Sit on the Iron Throne