Life Lately

D'you know what, June has been pretty good to me. So many wonderful/unexpected things happened, big and small, so I thought that instead of trusting my memory to remember them, I'd write up a little post and share my happy things with you guys, too. A few of the photos above were actually taken in May (the first three, definitely. The one of Luna was taken back last September (!) but I Instagrammed it in June so ya know.)

10 Vegetarian Barbeque Ideas

It seems to be a unamimous thing in the UK - as soon as the sun is out, everyone whacks out the barbeques. I personally don't find barbeques and vegetarianism to be an issue - I adore Quorn burgers and usually have those - but I thought I'd throw together a little post to give inspiration to anyone who's looking to host a vegetarian barbeque sometime this summer!

Lush Ultraviolet Bubble Bar

It was my blog birthday last month, and aside from the present that I bought for my blog (my header), I didn't expect anything else. But on a trip into town to visit my Stepdad in hospital, my boyfriend slipped into Lush and emerged with a special present for me and my blog!

Bookshelf Tour 2015

It's been a long time coming, but I'm finally doing a bookshelf tour! It wasn't until the end of last year that I even had a bookshelf, my books were just piled up in every corner of my room with no home & in no particular order which annoyed the hell out of me. I'm a bit shy to be showing you guys this, actually, mostly because all of the other bookshelf tours I've seen are beautifully displayed and consist of about 4 separate shelving units. I only have one unit, partly because my bedroom is too small for two, partly because I hide away all of the other books I own that I haven't read for a long time. I'm not 100% sure where this unit is from, but here is a very similar one from Ikea. I'm going to replace this shelf with a plain white one eventually, but I don't see the point in doing that until this one is un-useable! It's the eco warrior inside me. I might attempt to cover it in sticky-back white plastic, but we shall see.

Little Changes + Mid Year Survey


Hey guys! Just thought I'd type up a quick little post talking about a few little changes that have happened recently here on What Lauren Did Today. They have been quite subtle so you may have missed them, but I thought I'd address and update everyone. I also have a link to my mid-year survey at the end of this post - I would be so grateful if you would fill it out for me.

Rings For Tiny Hands

I'm naturally a very small person. I'm a size 3 in shoes and my height barely clears 5ft, plus my bra size can only be found in the children's section. So it's no surprise that when I go shopping for rings in most high street stores, I come out empty handed/bare fingered. Over the past couple of months I've been doing my research on the best places to buy rings on the high street if you have tiny hands, and today I'm sharing my findings with you!

NEW IN: B. Cosmetics

Last Tuesday marked the beginning of something very exciting for me: my first order of all vegan make-up arrived! After lingering around on the Superdrug website for a little while, I realised that the B. cosmetics line was on sale so I grabbed a few things in order to replace some of the my non-cruelty-free products that I've finally finished. Since purchasing, I have actually used all of these products so let me know if you want a First Impressions/review of any of them!

5 Tips For Reading More Books

Now that I'm a fancy, one-year-old Book Blogger, I thought I'd share some tips for ways to read more! I'm very specific (ie fussy) about the way that I read and recently I think I've finally worked out the best ways for me. Hopefully after reading this post you'll be able to say the same!

Boho Moon Crystal Necklaces

Allow me to introduce you to the prettiest necklaces in my jewellery collection...
A few weeks ago, the most tantalising competition come up on my Twitter feed: a chance to win 3 necklaces from bohemian jewellery brand Boho Moon. I entered instantly and then was amazed to find out that I'd won! I quickly requested my favourites, and after a bit of a mix-up on my part (which they were completely wonderful and patient about) and not even two days (!) my necklaces arrived in the post.

Postcards From Somerset

The Purrfect Box - The Subscription Box For Cats!

Calling all cat lovers!
I've always been fascinated by subscription boxes. Back when I was at college, a few of the girls had a Glossybox subscription that piqued my interest, but I'm not a huge beauty lover so I wasn't really interested enough to subscribe. There's a subscription box for everything these days, but it wasn't until I came across the Purrfect Box that I succumbed to the fad.

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