The Happy List #6

September, you were pretty good to me.
1. My Custom Illustration from Jemma @ Dorkface. A couple of weeks ago I saw Jemma advertising on Twitter about her gorgeous designs, and pretty much decided on the spot that I wanted a custom illustration for my in-progress re-decorated bedroom. As it happened, she had a spare slot going the following week as someone had cancelled and it just seemed like fate! Fast-forward to now and I have the most beautiful custom illustration framed in my room! Jemma was SO so lovely to work with, and she really listened to everything that I wanted but also put her own creative spin on it which I really loved. (PS. you should totally check out her other designs & order yourself one because she's amazing)

Lush The Experimenter Bath Bomb

I feel like The Experimenter is the 'it' bath bomb from the Lush Summer Collection... at least as far as Instagram is concerned! It's so colourful and is such an exciting one to watch that it was really difficult to decide which photos to feature in this post. It's also very aesthetically pleasing when it's not dissolving - it's shape is very different to anything I've seen from Lush before, and the bright colours give a little insight to what's waiting inside. The scent of this one is also quite nice - it's quite woody and smoky but the vanilla makes it more pleasant. Definitely not what I usually go for, which would be something sugary sweet or fruity, but I quite liked it.

The £1 A/W Shower Essential

I didn't think I would ever see the day that I write a blog post about shower gels, but apparently today is that day. Because these shower gels are SO DAMN GOOD that I feel like everyone must own one and so I'm going to talk you about them.

To All The Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han

Title: To All The Boys I've Loved Before
Author: Jenny Han
Genre: Contemporary
Length: 335 pages
Published: 22nd April 2014
Series: First book in a duology

I bought this book back in May, intending to take it on holiday to read. But I was pretty nervous about going away so comfort won and I ended up taking Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and To All The Boys I've Loved Before was tucked away on my bookshelf until about a month ago. I read the first few chapters of this book when I bought it, so just picked up where I left off despite it being several months later. The plot isn't particularly intense or complicated, so it was pretty easy to work things out without having to go back and re-read.

Daily Objects #3

Well, isn't this a blast from the blogging past! Back when What Lauren Did Today was a lil newborn blog I created a little series titled 'Daily Objects' where I would essentially show you what I was up to that day through the objects I used. At least, I did all of the two times I actually wrote those posts. But on Wednesday I was feeling really rubbish and used a few things to make myself feel better, and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to revive this forgotten series!

The Bunny Friendly Beauty Tag

I've seen this tag making the rounds on all of my favourite cruelty-free beauty blogs recently, and thought it was so interesting. I was determined to write my own answers to the questions anyway, but then the lovely Yasmina over at The July Journal tagged me so I decided to write it up today!

My Favourite Bookish Instagram Accounts

Back at the beginning of this year, I didn't really understand Instagram. I thought it was just a place that people shared photos of what they had for lunch/what their Starbucks order is/what colour their nails are painted. And whilst Instagram does contain a whole host of photos like that (which I secretly enjoy), there is another side to Instagram that I've discovered and fallen in love with: the Themed Instagram. And more importantly, whole accounts dedicated to just one thing. My favourite version of this idea comes in the form of Bookstagram. So today I thought I'd share some of my favourite 'book-ish' Instagram accounts, and a few Bookstagrams!

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Golden Sugar

I'm not usually aesthetically drawn to make-up (packaging is a different story) but with the Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar blush palette, it was love at first sight. I picked this up when I was on holiday back in June as it was in-store and I'd only ever drooled over it online, and I've been loving it ever since.

Saturday Share #1

Everybody loves eating at Ikea don't they? After reading Sarah's post on their vegan-friendly meatballs, I can't wait to go back for more food (and pointless home accessories).
Speaking of vegan food, I've been loving Catherine's 'Food Friday' posts, where she shares what she's eaten on a certain day. Really interesting and inspiring to see her vegan meals!
Another food post I've been loving lately, is Katie's post featuring 5 healthy lunch ideas . I used to eat a lot of lunches like this at college but haven't recently. I really want to get back into it!

New to What Lauren Did Today?

New around here? Well, welcome to What Lauren Did Today, my little cruelty-free lifestyle and book blog. My name's Lauren (obvs) and I'm just a girl with a passion for cats, books and training Water Pokemon. I've been writing this blog for over a year now so I figured it was about time I created a little blog CV of sorts for all my new (and old) readers, as I find it can be difficult to get a real taste of a new blog upon the first few posts. Also, I mention a few people quite regularly, so I thought I'd give you a mini cheat sheet so you're not confused!

Lush Intergalactic Bath Bomb

It's been a long time since I've been really wow-ed by a bath bomb. I went through a huge bubble bar phase at the beginning of the year but when the Lush summer collection dropped in stores a few weeks ago it re-ignited my passion for a good bath bomb. I've already used Frozen and Yoga Bomb and loved them, but Intergalactic is on another level.

Am I Normal Yet? by Holly Bourne

Title: Am I Normal Yet?
Author: Holly Bourne
Genre: Young Adult Contemporary
Length: 434 pages
Published: 1st August 2015

Am I Normal Yet? is the second Holly Bourne book I've read within the last six months. I read The Manifesto on How to be Interesting back in April, then read it again in August. As soon as finished it, I hopped straight over to Amazon and ordered Am I Normal Yet? It arrived, and I devoured it within 24 hours.

No Spend September

I'm writing this post at quarter-to midnight after another unnecessary online shopping order. You can add this order onto the list of impulse purchases I've made recently and feel horrendously guilty for. I can't even think about the money I've spent without sending myself into a blind panic - although, to 90% of people, it probably isn't that much money at all. I'm usually VERY strict with my spending but recently I've been told to 'live a little' and that 'the amount of money you've saved wont matter once you're dead' and so yes, I was technically peer pressured into living my life and spending some of the money I've been hoarding for the past year.
But, despite now owning lots of lovely things that I'm enjoying A LOT, I feel very panicky all of the time. So, I'm inflicting a spending ban for the duration of September. My recent purchases have included new vegan make-up, some Autumn/Winter boots and two books I've been lusting after for ages - oh, plus the new Lush bath bombs and a shampoo bar... Okay. Calm down. My point is, I'm pretty much covered for anything I could possibly be needing right now. The only thing I need want is a new moisturiser as I'm not getting on that well with my current one, but it'll be fine for another few weeks.
The aim of this ban is to 1. calm the f-ck down and 2. save some money for Christmas. I've decided upon a few rules too, which I'll list:

10 Self Harm Alternatives

As of today, I'm one year self-harm free!! To celebrate this, I thought I'd list 10 self-harm alternatives to hopefully help some other people who are still struggling. If just one person can be helped, then I feel like my self-harm period won't be just a sad, destructive part of my life anymore. It'll be something that I've experienced, but that I've used to help someone else. That's my aim, anyway. I know that there are several different forms of self-harm, not just cutting, and I feel that almost all of the options listed can be used as alternatives for all of the different kinds.