Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts for 90s Kids

We all love a bit of nostalgia don't we? At least I know I do, which would explain why I'm currently playing Spyro: Enter The Dragonfly on my old PlayStation 2 at the moment (those graphics tho). So today I thought I'd throw together a gift guide dedicated to all of the things I loved as a child. (I was going to add a Tamagotchi into this post but, ya know, most of us are now attempting to adult now and I know how hard it was looking after them at school, let alone at work.)

Lush Star Dust Bath Bomb

Fiiinally I've gotten around to talking about some of the Lush Winter 2015 range! I did review the Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar a couple of weeks ago, but as it was part of the Halloween collection I don't really feel like it counts. I just felt like talking about the two bath bombs I'd bought in October was a bit too early. So here we are in late November!

The Happy List #7

1. Christmas Shopping. I've put a lot more time, effort and money into my Christmas shopping this year and now I can't wait to give everyone their presents. I bought my mum something pretty special that she's always wanted but has never been able to buy and my boyfriend... well I feel like it's going to take him ages to open all of this gifts this year! He spoils me every year but this year I'm determined to spoil him. They aren't all massively expensive - aside from his 'big' present and one or two other things, they've all been under the £5 mark. I'm just hoping he likes them all!
2. Advent Calendars. This is the second and final Chrismassy point in this post, I swear! But I am very excited about my advent calendar this year - I bought the Makeup Revolution one! I've already dedicated an entire post to it, so be sure to check that out if you're interested. I also sneakily bought my boyfriend a Lindt advent calendar this year, as it's his favourite type of chocolate and I felt kinda bad about him having a regular one whilst I was opening the advent calendar of my dreams. We're literally counting down the days until December 1st!

Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts That Give Back

I did a gift guide like this last year and I was really proud of it, so I decided to do an updated version this year! I figured that there's always someone on your to-buy-for list that doesn't 'want' anything, so why not donate to a charity in their name? Or introduce them to packaging-free beauty products? All of the gifts featured are either great for the environment or give back to charity in some way - and the beauty gifts are, of course, cruelty-free and vegan.

Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar 2015

I feel like this post marks something very important in my life: my very first non-chocolate advent calendar! And more specifically, an advent calendar that I actually bought for myself... Wow, much adult.  
I've been toying with the idea of getting myself a beauty/lifestyle advent calendar for years. But aren't they just so expensive?! I could never justify it and was always happy enough to eat my Cadbury's one. That was until,a few weeks ago, when the Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar was on offer for half-price on the Superdrug website! Not only was this advent calendar desirable for me because I'm a huge fan of Makeup Revolution and their cruelty-free and sometimes vegan products, but also because when I decided to become cruelty-free I rehomed 90% of my make-up and I've been living on the bare necessities since then. This advent calendar seemed like the perfect opportunity to not only re-stock my make-up stash, but to add a little excitement to my life!

Daily Objects #4 | The Autumn Edition

Monday 26th October 2015
I wasn't planning on doing another Daily Objects on this certain day, but everything I ended up doing turned out to be really Autumnal so I felt it needed to be recorded! I started the morning at Luke's house - I'd stayed over on the Sunday night so that we could watch Hell in a Cell together but I kinda accidentally fell asleep. This whole clocks-going-backwards thing has totally messed up my body clock. SO I spent my morning watching the pay-per-view. I actually thought it was really disappointing and I didn't like the outcomes of any of the matches - aside from the fact that Roman Reigns won! I just feel like the whole PPV was quite drab and boring.
In the afternoon, I went for a food shop with my Dad - hence the small change in the photo! I'm in charge of the food shopping and the cooking in my house, so we took a trip to Asda and I stocked up for the next few weeks. When I got home, a little package was waiting for me: my Valley Mill soy wax melts! If you'd like to hear my thoughts on these vegan wax melts - click here! After I opened my package, I grabbed my sister, Luke and the puppy and took a trip down into the woods so I could get some leaves to use for my blog photo backgrounds. We found some really pretty ones that were such vibrant colours! I also took some photos of the woods as it was so colourful and beautiful.
After I got home I ran myself a bath to warm up (it was SO cold) and used my Yog Nog bath bomb from Lush. I took photos of it, too, so expect a review soon! It was such a lovely, warming, creamy bath and in fact, I liked it so much I might buy another one! Finally, after my bath, I settled down to read my current book of choice: New Moon by Stephanie Meyer. I must say, I'm really not enjoying this one as much as I enjoyed re-reading Twilight. I've since finished this book, read Eclipse and am finally onto Breaking Dawn!
I hope that you liked this post! I feel like it was very Autumnal. All I needed to add was a hot chocolate and a blanket and I would have definitely checked everything off of an Autumn to-do list. Other items of note are my new mittens and pom-pom keyring!

November Haulin' | ft Superdrug & H&M

I've been heavy-duty into Christmas shopping recently. I think I'm about 75% done now - I've just got to buy a lot of chocolate! I'm most excited about giving my boyfriend his presents, because I feel like I've done really well with his gifts this year. (I suppose I'll find out on Christmas Day!) BUT in-between all of the gift-shopping, I have picked up a few things for myself and today I thought I'd show ya what I got!

Soy Wax Melts from Valley Mill

Now that it's getting really cold outside, I'm doing my very best to keep things cosy when I'm inside. Blankets, warm drinks, slippers, Lush baths... and candles! To be honest, when I switched over to my cruelty-free lifestyle, I didn't give candles a thought. But of course, almost all candles on offer are crafted from beeswax - an ingredient that isn't vegan at all, in my opinion. Enter the Valley Mill soy wax melts*.
I wanted to pick something very warming and season appropriate, so I decided to try out the Roast Chestnut scent. (Although they do have Spiced Apple if you want something a bit more Christmassy). The little tarts themselves are really beautiful - they almost remind me of snowflakes! They're embossed with the Valley Mill logo, too, which I think is a special touch. I also really love the packaging of these melts. The box is very similar to a matchbox, and the melts are stacked neatly inside. You get five melts per pack which, together, offer around 60 hours of gorgeous scent.
I placed one of the tarts in the top of my oil burner, lit the tealight and waited for the magic to happen. And it happened really quickly! Within about five minutes, my entire living room was full of this lovely scent. It's really nutty and sweet but has an underlying spicy layer. I also feel like they smell a bit chocolately, but I'm not sure if that's just me! The scent was surprisingly strong, especially if I left the room for a few minutes and returned. The scent was a little more subdued every time I burned the same tart afterwards and I didn't really identify it as quickly, but again if I left and came back again the scent was fresh.
I really like these soy melts - even more so because they're vegan! You can also get this scent in soy-candle-form if you prefer candles. I absolutely adore the sound of the coconut, passion-fruit and chocolate truffle scents, too!
You can pick up a box of these roast chestnut soy wax melts here.

Christmas Gift Guide: £1 Stocking Fillers

I love stockings. And more importantly, I love stocking fillers. I'll generally get socks, pants, tea light candles, chocolates, sweets... all the good stuff! So today I thought I'd throw together a stocking filler kinda gift guide, but with a little twist: all of the gifts listed in this post are £1 or less!

How To Use: Lush Bubble Bars

If there's one thing that confused me about Lush when I first discovered them, it was how their solid products worked. Bubble bars, shampoo bars, deodorant bars, massage bars... you name it, Lush has probably got it. Out of everything, the one thing that confused me the most were the bubble bars. According to the sales assistants in Lush, you're supposed to crumble a chunk of bubble bar under running water. But I don't have fancy taps that spout warm water - I have a hot tap and a cold tap and I didn't fancy sticking my hand under either of them. I've since worked out a few ways to use the bubble bars, and today I thought I'd share them with you!

Only Ever Yours by Louise O'Neill

Title: Only Ever Yours
Author: Louise O'Neill
Genre: YA Dystopian (New Adult IMO)
Length: 392 pages
Published: July 3rd 2014
After reading this book, I was in two minds about whether or not I was going to blog about it. Mostly because with a lot of books, I take them personally and get emotional and I'm not always ready to talk about them. But I feel like Only Ever Yours is such an important book for so many reasons that I need to tell you about it. I also don't want to feel ashamed of the way it made me feel, because I don't think it's something to be ashamed of.

Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts for Book Lovers

Welcome to my first Christmas gift guide of 2015!
Now that Halloween is well and truly out of the way, I can embrace my favourite time of the year without judgement. For me, Christmas isn't just about one day. Christmas begins on the 1st of November and the excitement builds every single day between then and the 25th December. I've already done a lot of my Christmas shopping (I know!) but just in case you haven't, I thought I'd throw together a few gift guides to help you out this festive season. And I know it may only be the 4th of November... but I'd rather get my gift guides up too early than too late!