NOTD | Barry M Spring Shades

Princess crown promise ring - eBay || Harry Potter ring - made by my mum.
My current nail statement is either going to disgust you or inspire you, but just hear me out. You know when you can't decide what colour to paint your nails?? I wanted the happy vibrancy of the yellow BUT I also wanted the pretty delicacy of the lilac and I couldn't decide between the two so I just painted one hand one colour and the other hand the other. I actually think it looks really cute and fun and is the perfect way to inject a bit more personality/colour into an outfit! My dad thinks I'm a bit insane but WHO CARES. Not me.

Current Wishlist

Hear me out - I know I said that 2016 was going to be my minimalist year. And it is. Promise. I feel like making wish-lists like this will allow me to truly pin down exactly what I want and should mean (in theory) that I buy and waste less in the long run. Also note that the clothing item in this list - think of it more as an inspiration of the style of skirt that I want as opposed to the one I'm actually going to buy. I'm going to scout around ALL the charity shops to find one before I give in and get one from a high street store!

The Happy List #9

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Welcome to the first Happy List of 2016! I would say I'm surprised that it's taken me this long to do one but I'm not - I was kind of waiting to do one until I felt something that resembled happiness for longer than fifteen minutes. But it would appear that that time has come (yay!) so allow me to fill you in on some of the things that have inspired this lovely feeling in me recently.

Books I Have Multiple Copies Of

Wow. Wasn't that the most eloquent blog post title you've seen today? I genuinely can't think of anything else to name it so we're rolling with it for now. It does get the point across though - today I'm going to share with you four books that I have multiple copies of! I've never been one to collect books - I mean, I'll go out of my way to make sure that every book of a series matches and are all the same height but I've never purposely repurchased a book simply because of a pretty cover. THAT WAS UNTIL I DID IT ONCE... then I did it again, and again...

What's In My Makeup Bag (Cruelty-Free)

EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT TIME: My entire make-up routine is now completely cruelty-free! I had been using a non-CF foundation up until recently, purely because I couldn't find a vegan foundation that was within my budget, offered a shade that was light enough for me and worked well with my skin. But the day has come and I'm now safe in the knowledge that everything I apply hasn't brought a single ounce of pain to any animal. (P.S Thank you to Brianne for the recommendation!)

400 Followers Giveaway {CLOSED}

It's that time again!


SO. I'm typing this post up on my new iPad, which incidentally won't let me download Blogger as an app, meaning this could all be one grammatically disgusting and structurally unsound piece of text but hey. For some reason opening up my laptop to blog seems a bit daunting to me at the moment, I think maybe because of all that comes along with it - the photo editing, the researching, the tweet scheduling, the EFFORT. This seems infinitely more casual, especially because I'm going to be using an unedited photo that has 0 relevance to the post, which I just found in my iPhone photo library.

Little Lifestyle Changes

Challenging anxiety one step at a time...